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House Of Soul

We are a non-profit organisation engaged in improving the life of differently abled people. We also extend our help to the needy persons of the society around us. We also support the ecology and environment of East Kolkata Wetlands and the Sunderbans.

Registration No: S0018301 of 2021-2022 Under West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961

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Helping people can make world better !

Our Vision

To improve lives of needy people and help make local environment more sustainable.


Our Mission

  • Build and operate a self-sustainable hostel for people with special need.
  • Support the ecology and environment of the Sundarbans and East Kolkata Wetlands.
  • Provide vocational and educational training to needy women and children.
  • Create a vibrant community of stakeholders to promote awareness and extend helping hand.

Key Initiatives

Home for people with special need at a hostel near Sonarpur.

Sensitise local population in Sunderban on afforestation program and other means to help protect the embankments.

Vocational training for underprivileged persons, specifically for girls/women, and make them self-reliant.

Creating awareness to improve personal and community hygiene.

Support needy but talented students through scholarships and mentoring.

Arranging financial support to needy people directly or via other similar organisations.

It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.
— Dalai Lama

Events & Programes

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22 nd October, 2022

This is the event heading

22 nd October, 2022

This is the event heading

22 nd October, 2022

Home For People In Need

A three storey hostel is under construction at Kalikapur (near Sonarpur) for people in need. Each floor will have 3 single rooms with attached bath and a double room unit. There will be a kitchen, a hall for functions, a small water body and green open area.

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